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Server Management

We set you free from the worries of downtime, security breaches and data loss. Through proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance, we take the hassle out of server management.

  • Server security and performance tuning.
  • Server setup and data restoration.
  • Domain name system installations.
  • Webserver installation.
  • Mail server installation and administration.
  • High availability service with uptime gaurantee.

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Our Most Popular Services

"If you have had more than three incidents in a two-month period, and your problems are getting worse: Don’t wait. Go ahead and start exploring your other options, and make sure that Nexus Soft Ltd is at the top of your list."

Server Updates

Being proactive? That's smart. Our server checkup services will keep things running great.

Website Performance

Is your slow site killing your business? Let us help speed it up.

Hacking Threats

Reactive or proactive, we have security packages to fix security issues or prevent them.

Hosting Migrations

Don't risk downtime or data loss with server migrations. Let us help.

New Server Setup

Just Got a new server and don’t know what to do? Not a problem. We will setup the server from scratch and make it ready to use.


Let our team get to the bottom of that server problem.

Typical server administration issues we deal with

Our company is 11 years old - for IT industry it is a mature age indeed. During these years our team has gained plenty of unique experience in remote Linux, FreeBSD, AIX and Windows system administration, so our experts are unlikely to be confused by some complex or non-trivial problem. They really are able to ensure stable and reliable operation of any web project - from a single server to complex cluster systems.

  • web server administration and optimization (Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, LiteSpeed etc.)
  • DNS server administration (BIND, PowerDNS)
  • mail server setup and tuning, protection against spam and malware (Sendmail, Exim, Postfix)
  • database server setup and administration (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL , MongoDB , Memcached , Redis)
  • load balancing setup for high-loaded systems, cluster solutions based on DRBD and cluster file systems
  • security audit, custom security measures and server-side firewall solutions
  • backup solutions and data recovery

For more information about our Server Management services, please contact to us.