Platform Overview

Our Pay Per Click Platform is a fully hosted white label solution. We have taken care of all the details of running a large scale adserving platform so you can take care of all the details of growing your business.

Pay Per Click Platform

Our Core Features

Nexus PPC Platform is a pay-per-click search engine platform with a powerfull set of built-in features that have no match with any other software on the market today.

Real-time detailed reporting

  • Real-time detailed statistics for affiliates.
  • Real-time detailed statistics for feeds.
  • Real-time detailed statistics for external period.
  • Detailed statistics for single affiliate for any period of time.
  • Detailed log for every click or search made on behalf of that affiliate.
  • Estimated statistics for earnings in feeds or affiliates.
  • Detailed feed statistics for connection errors.
  • Detailed targers statistics per feeds.
  • Detailed targers statistics per affiliates.

Click Fraud Filters

  • Ability to ban every IP or whole subnet for specific feed or globally.
  • Ability to block clicks and searches originating from banned domains.
  • Bot detection levels from 1 - lowest to 6 - strongest protection.
  • Filter options that can be turned on/off for every feed seperatelly.
  • Passive detection of anonimous and transperant proxies.
  • Filtering of IP changes , cloacked referrer , iframe and more...
  • Ability to redirect blocked traffic to a web page of your choice.
  • Turring image code page for validating human clicks.
  • List of trusted (exclude from filters) affiliates.

Feeds management

  • Set bid percent, result limit, timeout, clicks per ip for every feed.
  • Set Targets allowed to do searches for that feed.
  • Set feed profiles for simplified grouping.
  • Ability to add feeds by yourself usign our multi-parser modules.
  • Parallel parsing of feeds for improved performance.

Advanced Clicks & Bids Manager

  • Ability to set search or clicks limits.
  • Ability to set minimum , maximum or custom bids.
  • Ability to set custom ranges to any publisher.
  • Ability to set limits to every feed.
  • Ability to block or hide results to every feed.
  • Turn off the limits for individual publishers or leave it on ONLY for them.

Memberbase management

  • Ability to reject/approve signups and select their future account levels.
  • Suspend accounts which blocks traffic untill problem is resolved.
  • Set custom access for type traffic seperatelly, use feed profiles.
  • Search members by various fields - name, account level, feeds in use.
  • Check signup date, IP, ip-country.
  • Modify account levels, user balances.

Affiliates Payout Manager

  • Payments - PayPal , Paxum , StormPay , AlertPay and WebMoney
  • Allow members to request payout at any time with a few clicks.
  • Proccess payouts easily and see statistics on pending requests.
  • Set up payout requests on automated, period based processing.
  • Set whatever minimum you decide, apply fees on different options.
  • Check all payouts from a given member.

Direct Advertiser Campaigns

  • Set minimum bid in order to add listing to the results.
  • CatchAll listings campaigns fully supported. .
  • View, Suspend, Delete campaigns that are in violation of your terms.
  • Advanced Targeting for advertisers campaigns.
  • Detailed campaigns statistics.
  • Bids & Popularity section for advertisers.
  • Automated funding process using PayPal, MoneyBookers and others.
  • Only accounts with advertiser flag have access to these features.

Advanced Targeting

  • Geography Country.
  • Geography State.
  • Operating System.
  • Browsers.
  • Mobile device.
  • Tablet devices.
  • Phone brands.
  • Tables brands.

Contextual Ads

  • Allow webmasters to add your contextual banners on their websites.
  • Ability to control which websites are allowed to send you traffic.
  • View/Delete/Suspend approved websites.
  • View/Edit/Delete keywords for the contextual ads for each website.
  • Website categories with editable list of default set of keywords to use.
  • Automatically detect the keywords on the web page using meta tag.
  • Fully compatible with all xml feeds to provide contextual content.

Domain Parking

  • Fully automated domain parking system.
  • Allow domain name owners to park their domains on your own server.
  • Support nameserver based and redirection parking of domain names.
  • Fully customized landing templates.
  • Ability to have limitless templates for members to pick from.
  • Admin has the ability to approve/delete/unpark parked domains.
  • Modify any domain keywords and category from admin area.

Choose a plan that works for you.

When we start working with you, we'll want to create a marketing plan that suits your business.While you'll see some indicative plans and prices below, we'll want to create a plan that's tailored for you.

Basic Start ups and small businesses

  • 10 000 000 / Daily
  • Unlimited
  • $3 / 100,000 impressions
  • 100

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Professional Essential Features

  • 20 000 000 / Daily
  • Unlimited
  • $2.5 / 100,000 impressions
  • Unlimited

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Premium Most Popular

  • 30 000 000 / Daily
  • Unlimited
  • $2 / 100,000 impressions
  • Unlimited

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Custom Build VIP Features

  • Infinity Clicks / Daily
  • Unlimited
  • $1 / 100,000 impressions
  • Unlimited

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For more information about our Pay Per Click Platform, please contact to us.